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How Many People Came Before You?

Company calculates individuals’ human rankings



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    We all strive to be No. 1. It’s a natural urge to stand out among our peers. But just where do we rank compared to all humans who came before us? 

    A company called Count My Place has figured out a way to give you that answer.

    From just the day, month and year when you were born, the system calculates the exact number for where you fall in the global population.

    Don’t feel bad if your number seems a little, well, low. Oprah Winfrey is one of the top-earning entertainers, but her human ranking is in the billions.  It’s number 100,416,946,065 to be exact.

    Count My Place is the brainchild of entrepreneur Lisa Christine.

    “Humanity is about sharing the same space, but not always at the same time,” Christine said. “Defining one’s place in the birth order of history is an amazing discovery and truly fascinating.”

    As far as history goes, King Tut ranks 947,069,616 and the father of our country, George Washington, is number 89,111,018,643.

    Christine acquires each ranking using a math formula but admits the answers are less than scientific “guesstimates.”