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Student-Produced Homophobic Video Surfaces at Local School



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    A student-produced video alleged to contain homophobic statements has been removed from the internet, but remains the talk of the day at T.C. Williams High School.

    The video surfaced after a male student was elected from queen at the Alexandria school about a month ago. In a letter sent home to parents Monday, T.C. Williams Principal Suzanne Maxey assured parents the video was removed from the internet, and that many of the students are remorseful.

    Outside the school Wednesday, other students were surprised by the video.

    "I just can't really believe that people would go this far over a little thing, such as prom king or queen," graduating senior Ronnie Morris said.

    School officials would not comment on what, if any, action was taken against the student(s) behind the video.

    They told News4's Northern Virginia Bureau reporter David Culver T.C. Williams has been very supportive of the students' choice for prom queen.