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Historic Building Too Shaken by Quake to Survive

East Coast quake prompts demolition



    Historic Building Too Shaken to Survive

    Damage from Tuesday's 5.8-magnitude earthquake prompted officials in Culpeper, Va., to demolish an historic building. (Published Friday, Aug. 26, 2011)

    Many structures withstood Tuesday’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake. But sadly, one historic building in Culpeper, Va., did not.

    Inspectors said the quake left the Levy Building, along Culpeper’s North Main Street, with too much structural damage to repair. So officials decided to tear it down.
    The building is about 35 miles north of Mineral, Va., where the quake was centered. But the damage the Levy Building sustained may have had more to do with the its age than its proximity to the epicenter.
    The Associated Press reported that the Levy Building dates back to 1858. It used to house a number of businesses and was once home to one of Culpeper’s first Masonic lodges.
    Engineers are also assessing a building next door to the Levy Building that once was a saloon at the turn of the century.