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Georgetown Student Attacked in Dorm

Police say victim escaped after sexual assault



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    A student said she was sexually assaulted in her door room at Georgetown University.

    A Georgetown University student said she was sexually assaulted in her dorm Friday night, according to Metro Police.

    The student, who lives in Fr. Thomas Copley Residence Hall, told officers that around 6 p.m. she left her room and walked downstairs to the basement when a man she did not know started to follow her. 

    The alleged victim said the man yelled, "Hey girl," then grabbed her from behind and pushed her against a wall, according to the police report. 

    The woman told officers the man then put one hand over her mouth and the other hand up her shirt. 

    Student Allegedly Assaulted in Georgetown Dorm

    [DC] Student Allegedly Assaulted in Georgetown Dorm
    News 4's Darcy Spencer found several Georgetown University students on edge after learning a student said she was attacked in her dorm room.
    (Published Saturday, April 10, 2010)

    The student said she was able to push her attacker away, but the incident has prompted campus police to be extra alert, News4’s Darcy Spencer found.

    “It’s definitely very scary,” said Alex Jung. “This is my home.”

    Another student told News4 that she considered Copley Hall one of the safest places to live on campus.

    “It’s right in the center of campus, there’s tons of security, and you have to swipe (a card) to have access,” said Jenny Donley. “Only if you live in that dorm can you get in; not even other students can get in.”

    Over the past couple of years, News4 has reported on nearly a dozen sex attacks on Georgetown's campus. In most of those cases, female students would wake up to a strange man “spooning” them in bed. The Georgetown Cuddler has yet to be linked to this latest case.

    “I hope it’s not a pattern that progresses,” said Georgetown student Miguel Deleon. “I think Georgetown’s taking steps to do something.”

    Friday night’s attack prompted university officials to remind students to be extra cautious.

    Police don’t know yet if the suspect lived in the dorm, but say students should always keep windows and doors locked.