Gas Stove Fire Kills Man in DC's Petworth Area - NBC4 Washington

Gas Stove Fire Kills Man in DC's Petworth Area

Wife Tried to Help Husband Smother Flames After Gas Stove Fire



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    According to DC Fire and EMS, a gas stove fire led to a man's death on Madison Street in the Northwest section of the city.

    Fire investigators said a gas stove led to a man’s death in Washington, DC.

    The fire started around 8:15 p.m. at a house on Madison Street near North Capitol Street in the Petworth area. Firefighters could see smoking coming from the roof when they arrived so they called for additional units to help.

    DC Fire and EMS spokesman Pete Piringer told News4 when the house alarm went off, the victim’s wife rushed to help her husband smother the flames that caught his clothes on fire. She then ran to a neighbor’s home for help. Piringer said the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Firefighters told News4 the woman was also hurt trying to put out the flames. Rescuers took her to the hospital but her injuries were not considered serious.

    Firefighters said smothering the flames is typically the best defense to put out a fire and believe that is what the couple tried to do in this case.

    Investigators have not released the victim's name.