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Furloughed NASA Researcher Selling Prized Guitar “Blossom” on Craigslist



    A Prince George's County man is selling his prized guitar on Craigslist in order to raise money to take care of his family during the government shutdown. News4's Zachary Kiesch has the story. (Published Friday, Oct. 11, 2013)

    With no money coming in to pay bills, some federal workers are getting creative. One local father is willing to part with a prized possession to take care of his family.

    A research assistant at NASA since 2005, John Bolten is also a musician. He loves bluegrass, and he loves his acoustic guitar so much he named her “Blossom."

    “I've had it since 2005,” he said. “It was my first nice guitar after graduate school.

    His graduate work in hydrology led to a great gig with the federal government, and everything was good for his growing family of four in College Park until the government shutdown. Now, in order to avoid racking up debt, he’s put Blossom on the block

    “We have a new baby,” he said. “Well, she’s 15 months, now. And since the shutdown occurred, I thought it’s very timely, it’s a very good opportunity to sell, and it would certainly help.”

    A growing number of people are turning to Craigslist to sell everything from computers to couches to stay afloat during the shutdown.

    “So this on sale on Craigslist,” Bolten said. “It's a great guitar. It's a good deal. I put it on there as the furlough special.”