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Flood Evacuees Demonstrate at FEMA

Agency denied aid to families flooded out by Tropical Storm Lee



    Flood Evacuees Demonstrate at FEMA
    The Holly Acres mobile home park -- after the flood.

    Families put out of their homes when Tropical Storm Lee flooded their Woodbridge, Va., trailer park demonstrated Friday outside the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has denied them federal disaster aid.

    “We have nothing left except the clothes we came out with,” said victim Jamie Romero.

    In early September, heavy rain from Lee caused massive flooding, destroying the Holly Acres Mobile Home Park and leaving about 500 people suddenly homeless with few affordable housing choices.

    “It's just horrible,” community activist Nancy Lyall said. “We have many families living together. We have one family that is living on a porch of a trail because there is no low-income housing in Prince William County.”

    The Gonzalez family has taken in other relatives who lost everything. Four people sleep in one small bedroom. Twenty-two people share the house.

    Flood victims wanted assistance from FEMA but were denied. State and local governments were approved by FEMA. Small business and home loans are available.

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