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Facebook Photo Surprise



    NBC4's Liz Crenshaw shares a warning about reading the fine print before you post. (Published Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014)

    Like many moms, one Frederick, Maryland mom posts pictures of her baby on Facebook.
    But imagine her surprise when her photo popped up in a pitch for tooth-whitening.
    NBC4's Liz Crenshaw shares a warning about reading the fine print before you post.

    You can read Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities here or log in to Facebook and search "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities".

    Here is Facebook's full response to our story:

    Statement 1:
    The image in question was the result of an isolated bug that we are now fixing. No one else saw the image beyond the individual that viewed it. This was a result of an image in the person's News Feed being shown in the wrong place and not a result of anyone using that image improperly.

    We do not share or sell people's personal information to advertisers, and we do not use people's photos in ads. Everything on Facebook is social including the ads you see so you may see that your friend has like a business on Facebook when they run an ad. But we do not use your personal photos in the ads themselves.

    Statement 2:
    In our terms we are required to have the necessary license so that we can show your photos to your friends, something people do a lot of on Facebook. This doesn't change the ownership of the photos. People always own their own photos and other content they post.

    Here is Crest's full response to our story:

    "Crest did not develop, commission, nor approve this advertisement. Facebook has reassured us the source of the issue has been identified, and they are working to quickly resolve it."