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FCFT Proposals to FCPS School Board to Address Work Load for April Work Session



    Fairfax County Federation of Teachers President Steven L. Greenburg sent the following to the Fairfax County Public Schools School Board:

    School Board Members,

    Thank you for caring about the quality of our workplace, and the working conditions of your employees.   I have confidence (that with our assistance) you will make changes to improve the current environment.

    To that end, I have enclosed FCFT's Work load Proposals / Recommendations for your considerations on Monday at the work session addressing this topic.

    The attached document, 'FCFT's Work load Proposals' provides a brief history on this topic, then provides suggestions for action (and how each relates to the broader issue recommendations):

    1) The first three issue recommendations we made to the prior School Board in 2010, which were based (in part) on the data we collected from our Environmental Survey administered to our members that year,
    2) A fourth  issue recommendation 'category' (new; based upon recent feedback at the Town Hall meeting with you) -  Academic Focus,
    3) A history of what you (as the current School Board) have already accomplished in regards to the four recommendations to date.  Color coding designates level of success in addressing the recommendation (green is 'accomplished'; yellow designates 'some progress'; red indicates 'no progress'),
    4) Nineteen action recommendations for you to consider implementing now, and a designation to which of the issues (#1-4) each addresses.

    Attached you will find four documents:
    1. FCFT's Work load Proposals / Recommendations for use at your work session on April 8th,
    2. A copy of the FCFT Environmental Survey (working conditions) from 2010-2011,
    3. A summary (key points) of the data from the FCFT Environmental Survey from 2010-2011,
    4. FCFT's Proposal on revising the 7.5 hr day.

    I wanted to give you time in advance to study the recommendations; please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions in regards to the content.

    FCFT will always be there to assist you in helping us.  We hope you can find many action items you can support in the 'FCFT's Work load Proposals' document.

    Thank you again for caring... and acting!

    Steven L. Greenburg
    President, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers