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Dog Dies After Being Tied Up for Days

Owner arrested



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    We all need to restrain out pets at times, whether it be putting them in a crate or tying them up with a leash. But one woman allegedly left her dog tied outside for four days in the middle of the summer and now faces animal cruelty charges.

    Michelle Terrell tied her 3-year-old pitbull, Slim, to the back door of her home and left for a trip on July 17, according to the Washington Humane Society. The dog was found dead the next day in over 90-degree heat. Terrell didn’t return to check on the dog until July 20, according to WHS.

    “This poor dog suffered a horrible death,” Washington Humane Society Chief Programs Officer Scott Giacoppo said. “Anyone who could leave their animal helpless and alone in 90-plus degree heat for days should not be a pet owner. Ms. Terrell needs to be held accountable for killing this innocent animal.”

    Humane Society investigators said that Slim died of heat exhaustion after becoming entangled in his leash and struggling to get free.