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Deeds Falling Further Behind McDonnell: Post

Democrat's campaign viewed as negative



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    Republican Bob McDonnell vs. Democrat Creigh Deeds

    The latest Washington Post poll shows Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell has extended his lead over Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds.

    McDonnell got a two-point increase over a poll earlier this month to get to 55 percent of likely voters polled. Deeds remained at 44 percent.

    McDonnell has led in all four Post polls, but in September, his lead shrank to four points after his thesis critical of working women, feminists and gays made news.

    Democrats tried to use that thesis to Deeds' advantage, but that may have backfired. More than 60 percent of people polled found Deeds' campaign to be negative while most considered McDonnell's to be positive.

    According to the poll, President Barack Obama may not be as much of a factor in the election as some suspect.

    Seven in 10 say the president -- who remains relatively popular with an approval rating of 54 percent among likely voters and 57 percent among all those registered to vote -- won't be a factor in their vote one way or the other. These findings suggest that the Virginia race may not be the early referendum on the Obama presidency that it is often held up to be.

    McDonnell also leads by double digits on key issues like transportation, economy and taxes.