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Woman Accused of Taping Infant's Mouth Shut



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    Manassas residents confronted a woman for taping an infant's mouth shut in July.  According to police, when confronted, Kristina Leigh Moore, of the 9200 block of Hood Road, became so agitated that she assaulted her accusers.

    Officers were called to the scene.  When they arrived, Moore's accusers said that Moore had taped an infant child's mouth shut to keep it from crying.

    Moore, also known as Christina Johnson, was arrested for felony child abuse.  Her court date has been set for October 5.

    In August of 2010, Moore and her boyfriend at the time, Franklin Johnson, were charged with distributing drugs to a minor.  Police said Moore had been providing her teenage daughter with marijuana for several years.  The pair were also charged with cocaine possession.