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Showering Burglar Makes a Clean Getaway



    Police are looking for a burglar they say not only stole some valuables from a local business but also took a shower and a shave. (Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011)

    A burglar in northern Virginia took a few minutes to freshen up before taking off with a laptop computer, police said.

    Manassas police said they found evidence that the burglar did some personal grooming while burglarizing a home business near the Seton School, InsideNova reported. When officers arrived, the bathroom had been used and there was an indication that the burglar both shaved and showered, police said.

    Sgt. Eddie Rivera told InsideNova, aside from the soap and water, the intruder made off with a Thinkpad laptop valued at $1,500, guns, a package of cold cuts and some Coca-Colas.

    The theft took place in the 9300 block of Fairview Avenue between 6 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m. Friday.

    Police said it was not clear how the intruder got in, but for now, the burglar got away cleanly.

    Police collected used razors and other evidence from the scene.

    This burglar could teach some etiquette lessons to burglar in Vienna, who last week broke into a house and used the toilet but didn't flush.

    There were other break-ins at home businesses over the weekend, police said, but they do not know if they are related.