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Pay for Parking By Phone in D.C.

Use an app to pay for parking



    Pay for Parking By Phone in D.C.
    You may never have to run back to feed the meter again, with a new parking system being rolled out in the District.

    The days of carrying a bucket of change in your car may be passed, thanks to a new District parking program.

    The District Department of Transportation is expanding its pilot phone-parking program throughout the entire city.  All of the District's more than 17,000 parking spots will now be included.

    "We piloted pay by phone parking in selected business districts," said DDOT Interim Director Terry Bellamy, "and now we're ready to offer this service citywide."

    The program will be run by a company called Parkmobile, which has already been part of the the trial program in several District neighborhoods. 

    In order to use phone parking, drivers will have to register.  The service can be accessed in one of two ways - drivers can either download an app for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device, or through a toll-free phone call.  At legal parking spots around the city, there will be signs with zone numbers listed. Once a driver inputs the zone number, the driver's account will be debited, and the information will be relayed to parking enforcement.

    They made a how-to video for the pilot program that you can view here.

    Those who have been signed in to the pilot program are advised to register again.  For more information, go to Parkmobile's website.