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Ex-Mayor Candidate Lashes Out at Gray



    Sulaimon Brown continued to fire criticism at his former boss, Mayor Vincent Gray.

    Brown said that he had been smeared by the Gray administration in an interview with Channel 8's Bruce Depuyt.

    Last week, Sulaimon Brown was escorted out of the Department of Health Care Finance after he was told he was being released from his job there.  The dismissal came after media reports surfaced tying him to stalking charges.

    "I personally feel that the Gray administration spin machine fabricated the documents," Brown said about the allegations.

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    On the program, Brown spelled out how his appointment to the Health Finance Department, a job that drew a $110,000 annual salary, was part of an understanding he had with Gray during the mayoral election.  Asked  when Brown expected to receive an appointment in the Gray administration, Brown said, "He had been assuring me throughout, from the time he was running to the time he got sworn in."

    During Brown's campaign, he gave voters the unusual instructions that if they did not like him, they should vote for Gray.  "I helped him out," Brown said in the interview, "and he turned around and helped me out in getting a job."

    Brown threatened legal action against the city, saying the city did not follow proper procedure in terminating his position.

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    He said the dismissal caused him great personal distress.  "He was not just affecting my life," Brown said.  "He was affecting my family's life, he made my mother upset, my family upset."