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D.C. Drivers Dumbest on Rules of the Road



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    Confused about what to do at a blinking yellow light? Feel like screaming at the guy who blew through that stop sign? 

    If you live and drive in Washington, D.C., chances are you’ll answer “yes” to both questions. GMAC Insurance ranked drivers in the nation’s capital as the least knowledgeable when it comes to the rules of the road this year.
    The annual National Drivers Test surveyed more than 5,000 drivers nationwide and asked them to pass a written test, based on the exams required to get driver’s licenses in D.C. and all 50 states.

    New York was the two-time reigning title holder for most drivers who failed the knowledge test. But D.C. claimed that spot in 2011, with an average test score of 71.8% .

    The survey results also show that one in three D.C. drivers couldn’t obtain a driver’s license if they needed to pass the written portion of the test.
    Maryland drivers didn’t do much better, coming in third-to-last with an average driving test score of 73.3%. Virginia drivers landed right in the middle of the rankings, with an average score of 77.7%.

    You may feel safest on the roads of Kansas, where drivers were ranked as the most knowledgeable behind the wheel for the second year in a row. But to be fair, does Kansas have as many traffic circles per square mile as we do?

    See where all the states fall in GMAC’s rankings here.