D.C. Cab Robber Gets 30 Years In Jail - NBC4 Washington

D.C. Cab Robber Gets 30 Years In Jail

Kevin Stoddard robbed four cab drivers in 2009



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    A District of Columbia man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for robbing taxicab drivers at gunpoint.

    Kevin Stoddard was sentenced Friday in D.C. Superior Court after being convicted in November of armed robbery, attempted robbery and weapons offenses.

    Prosecutors say the 45-year-old Stoddard robbed four taxicab drivers and tried to rob a fifth in the spring of 2009.

    Prosecutors say he hailed four of the five cabs in the Chinatown neighborhood and then asked to be driven to secluded locations. He hailed the fifth cab from a different location in northwest Washington. The driver in that case provided a description of Stoddard's clothing. Police arrest Stoddard after matching the description to a man caught on surveillance tape that same day at a nearby liquor store.

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