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Accused Cocaine Wholesalers Collared



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    A group of men known as Zo, Bones, and Beano, together with William Shawn Moorer, have been indicted on conspiracy to distribute narcotics in the District of Columbia.  FBI agents seized nearly 30 kilograms of cocaine and an AR-15 assault rifle in the investigation.

    The FBI began building the case in the winter of 2011, when they started monitoring the cell phone conversations of Gezo Goeong Edwards, William Bowman, Robert Carl Richards, and William Shawn Moorer.

    According to the FBI complaint, agents overheard the men arranging for sales of "deuces," drug vernacular for 62 ounce packages of cocaine.

    Agents located a storage unit at 3005 Kenilworth Avenue in Hyattesville, Md., that the crew used to hide narcotics, court documents said.

    On April 25, agents said they observed Bowman and Richards wheeling a large black suitcase into the storage unit.  Tapping into the facility's closed circuit camera system, agents told the court they were able to observe Bowman open the suitcase and count out kilogram-sized packages of cocaine.

    After obtaining a search warrant, agents entered the unit the same day and seized the suitcase, which they said held 29.5 kilograms of cocaine.  They recovered the assault rifle in the raid, as well as a semi-automatic pistol.

    Agents went to the storage facility the next day, and said they watched on close circuit television as Bowman went into the unit and discovered the narcotics missing.  He telephoned Richards and Edwards, telling them to come immediately to the storage unit.  Moorer showed up too, and FBI caught all four of the men on the scene.

    In the complaint, prosecutors said the men conspired to distribute "wholesale" amounts of narcotics.