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College Park Considers Cracking Down on College Parties



    Crackdown Could Be Coming to Parties in College Park

    College students are back in school and ready to party, but the good times may be coming to an end for University of Maryland students who like to have fun at private homes. News4's Jackie Bensen reports about the crackdown that could be coming to that city. (Published Friday, Sept. 6, 2019)

    The College Park City Council is considering an ordinance to ban “unruly social gatherings.”

    The gatherings are defined as a party or assembly of four or more persons on private property where there is public drunkenness, underage drinking and over excessive noise.

    Three offenses in two years could cost the landlord their occupancy permit.

    Many private homes near the University of Maryland in College Park are rented to college students.

    Other college towns, including Towson, Maryland, have similar rules.

    Kathy Bryant of the College Park Civic Association said she attended a recent gathering of her counterparts from all over Prince George’s County and all identified similar concerns about noise.

    The College Park City Council will hold a hearing on the proposed ordinance Tuesday.

    Prince George’s County and College Park already have a number of noise ordinances in effect.

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