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Chemical Bombs Target Fairfax Mailboxes



    Chemical Bombs Target Fairfax Mailboxes

    Fairfax problems are first-world problems. It has relatively low unemployment and stable home values. The traffic can be tricky, but life is agreeable in Fairfax. You just have to watch out for the mailbox bombs.

    Authorities are warning Fairfax County residents to look out for homemade chemical bombs following several incidents in Reston and West Springfield. Using over-the-counter chemicals, Fairfax's mailbox bomber is building small explosives and targeting mailboxes.

    At least eight of the explosives have been discovered.

    Some Fairfax residents, including Sharon Rainey, the chair of the community organization myNeighborsNetwork, believe that teenagers are responsible.

    Last month, fire and police officials released a bulletin noting that the bombs, which first surfaced in May, could cause damage to mailboxes -- and harm their owners. No one has been hurt by a mailbox bomb yet, though one resident did receive a chemical burn from handling a plastic bottle that had exploded in her mailbox.