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Behold! The Mall of the Future

Better paths, more trees and things to do for the kiddos



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    The National Coalition to Save Our Mall thinks the current National Mall needs help.  And they don't trust the Park Service or the National Capital Planning Commission to do it. 

    They just released a report laying out their vision for the Mall, intending to make it a more people-centric location that's in line with the original design.

    They argue that the Park Service's recent proposal is basically a grass-cutting plan and that the NCPC assumes that the Mall is substantially complete.  They're calling for a "3rd Century Mall" which aims to create a broader vision of what the Mall is and what it should be, beyond what they feel are the too-narrow plans of the Park Service and NCPC.

    They have four goals for what the Mall should look like: 

    •Tell a more complete story of our country’s heritage in our monuments and memorials, informing visitors about the people and the events that shaped American history and American democracy;
    • Offer a full range of museum collections, exhibits, and programmed activities, educating visitors about science, art, history, world cultures, and issues of our day;
    • Function as the civic stage on which American democracy plays out as citizens convene, demonstrate, and assemble to petition the government, while the government, in turn, invites citizens to learn first-hand about how the government works; and
    • Satisfy its intended role as an urban park and “place of general resort” in the heart of a major capital city where visitors and local residents can relax and play"

    Included in their recommendations is a plan for more transportation options to allow people to travel from one end to the other without panting and wheezing on foot.  They want better pathways and more attention to landscaping and aesthetics to make it a more enjoyable place to walk, and not just a grassy lawn underneath an unrelenting sun.

    They also propose expanding the core of what we consider the Mall to be.  They believe that this could enhance the experience, giving more room for more museums and more interpretive buildings.  They even propose to have space made available for temporary exhibits and temporary commemorations of important and historic events.

    If you're looking for more information, the full report is available on the group's Web site.  Greater Greater Washington provides a solid summary and discussion of the group's plans, as well.