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Bedbugs Found in GW Dorms

GW Students Surprised: Bedbugs Now on Campus



    Bed Bugs Infest George Washington University Dorm

    Bed bugs moved into the undergrad dorms along with the George Washington University students this year. (Published Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010)

    If the sight of bedbugs makes your skin crawl, imagine sleeping with them. That’s what students have been dealing with at one of the most expensive schools in the country.

    “Oh it’s nasty. It’s totally scary,” said George Washington University research fellow Lesley-Anne Pittard. “They’re gross ... they’re not fun at all.”

    According to the university, over the course of the fall semester there have been six confirmed cases of bedbugs in five residence hall buildings across campus.

    “That’s very frightening because just hearing all about it on the news how difficult they are to get rid of,” said student Dhiren Shetty.
    Four cases have been fully treated, with two remaining cases that should be taken care of by next week, officials said. While the school would not say which dorms have been infested, according to the school newspaper, these creepy critters were found at Amsterdam Hall. 
    “A lot of people thought, 'Oh, this is just a situation in New York City, with bedbugs in movie theaters,' but it’s kind of hitting close to home right now, and people are not happy about it,” said student Kimberly Wertman, who lives in Amsterdam Hall.
    But what’s most alarming to many students we’ve talked to on campus is that they weren’t told about the cases by the school. In fact many say they found out by reading the school newspaper.
    “[The school] definitely should have informed us and they definitely should do something about it ASAP if it’s been happening throughout the entire semester,” said student Resheik Francis.
    George Washington University takes reports of bedbugs seriously," the school said in a statement. "We continue numerous efforts to educate students about bedbugs … when a case is reported, GW staff performs an inspection. If bed bugs are confirmed, treatment will begin immediately.”
    One student who has friends who lived in an infested dorm said the school needs to do more, like put the students up in a hotel while the dorm is being treated.
    “You can’t have bedbugs in a student dorm,” Alyssa Melignano said. “[The school] evacuated [the dorm] for a day I think ... and then sprayed and then put all the kids back in. But I don’t think that’s acceptable.
    George Washington costs about $54,000 per year for students living in campus housing.

    NBC Washington contacted Georgetown University, American University, the University of Maryland, Catholic University  and Howard University, and all replied that they have had no confirmed cases of bedbugs on campus this fall.

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