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Baltimore Filling Station Gives Police Bad Gas

More than 70 police cars broke down over the weekend



    Baltimore Filling Station Gives Police Bad Gas
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    Too much ethanol means too few police cruisers.

    BALTIMORE -- An unusually high concentration of ethanol mixed with gasoline at a Baltimore filling station led to more than more than 70 police cars breaking down over the weekend, officials said.

    More than 200 police cars fueled up before cars started showing problems, the Baltimore Sun reported.

    Almost one-third of the department's patrol cars had engine trouble, but most were repaired and returned to service Tuesday.

    Officials initially suspected diesel had been mixed in, but lab results showed high levels of ethanol instead.

    Ethanol is mixed with gasoline to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, but most automobiles can't handle blends higher than 10 percent ethanol.

    The cost to the city was not yet clear, but attorneys for the city believe the city can recoup all expenses, General Services Director Khalil Zaied said.