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“Aspen Hill Rapist” Pleads Guilty to Cold Case Rapes

Faces two life sentences



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    A man convicted of three rapes in the 1980's has pleaded guilty to three cold case rapes from the 70's.

    The man known as the “Aspen Hill Rapist” has pleaded guilty to three rapes that happened over three decades ago.

    Tim Buzbee was convicted of three rapes in 1983 in Aspen Hill. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to three additional rape cases from the 1970’s, after DNA linked him to the victims.

    Police originally believed Buzbee began his crime spree in the 1980’s. But in 2009, investigators received a federal grant that allowed them to open up three cold case rapes and test swabs taken after the attacks. They discovered that DNA from all three attacks came from one person, Buzbee.

    The three cold cases happened in three consecutive years between 1977 and 1979. In all three cases, the victims reported to police that the perpetrator threatened to kill them if they didn’t cooperate.  The three 1970’s rapes occurred outside of Aspen Hill, in Silver Spring, Rockville and Wheaton.

    Buzbee, 54, is currently serving three concurrent life sentences plus 50 years. He became eligible for parole in 2005. But with Monday’s guilty plea to three counts of first degree rape, Buzbee could face another two consecutive life sentences. He is scheduled to learn his sentence Thursday.