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Anti-Semitic Fliers Found in Parts of Northwest DC

Literature makes derogatory claims about Jewish people



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    Police in the District are looking into a number of anti-Semitic fliers seen in Cleveland Park and Dupont Circle.

    The fliers make derogatory statements about Jewish people, claiming they control the world. One of the messages even goes so far to say that Jewish people altered the rotation of Earth on its axis.

    Scott Mezistrano, a D.C. resident, said he found the fliers very unsettling.

    "It's very disconcerting. I think of myself as safe, living in a good neighborhood and living in an educated city," Mezistrano said. "Certainly we hear of these anti-Semitic ranting and ravings going on but we don't think of that happening here.

    Mezistrano said he found himself looking over his shoulder while walking his dog the other night.

    "Part of me feels like this is a crazy person as opposed to someone who knows how to do skillful propaganda," he said. "On the other hand, it's a crazy person, so who know's what they could do."

    Police are investigating two separate cases in the 3500 block of 30th Street NW where fliers were left outside residents' homes Monday evening. They said the investigation is still in the early stages.

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