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Abandoned Home Burns in Latest Va. Eastern Shore Arson

At least 70 structure fireshave been set since November on Virginia's Eastern Shore



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    Officials say another fire was deliberately set Thursday night at an abandoned home in Painter, Va.

    An abandoned home was the latest arson target on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

    Authorities say the Thursday night fire is believed to be related to a string of arsons in the area. The home in Painter was uninhabitable and overgrown with trees and thick brush.

    The Virginian-Pilotreports that another fire on Thursday night near the front steps of a home in Greenbackville was deliberately set but not related to the other arsons.

    More than 70 deliberately set fires have occurred on the Eastern Shore since last November. Most of the structures have been abandoned. No injuries have been reported.

    A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.