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3 US Secret Service Officers Assaulted

A man is charged with assaulting and injuring three US Secret Service officers and briefly taking hold of the gun belt of one of those officers near the White House Friday.

An affidavit written by the Secret Service said Dane Nairns tussled with at least three officers who tried to stop him, after he illegally entered White House grounds near 17th St NW.

During the struggle, Nairns allegedly grabbed hold of one officer’s radio and would not let it go, according to the affidavit. The court filing submitted by the Secret Service said Nairns also grabbed hold of the officer’s gun belt, before two other officers intervened. The affidavit said Nairns kicked a second officer in the eye and surrendered when a third officer prepared to use a taser device.

“The individual disobeyed verbal commands of the officer to not enter the restricted area, and the suspect began to run," a Secret Service spokeswoman said. "The suspect was placed under arrest after the arresting officer fought with him as he was actively resisting arrest and had grabbed the officer’s duty belt.”

All three officers suffered scrapes and bruises and underwent examination by DC Fire and Emergency Services, according to the court filing. The Secret Service affidavit said the radio was damaged and is now inoperable.

Nairns is charged with assault on a police officer. A judge has ordered Nairns detained pending future proceedings in his criminal case.

The court filing by investigators describe a fast-moving commotion during the incident on Friday afternoon. The Secret Service affidavit said a civilian flagged down officers to alert them that Nairns had jumped over a temporary security barrier along the White House Ellipse.

According to the affidavit, Nairns ignored warnings by officers to stop. The affidavit said Nairns responded, “You know who I am. I’m the guy who called in the President.”

The court filing said the civilian helped one officer subdue Nairns until the other officers arrived.

Neither Nairns’ attorney nor Secret Service immediately responded to requests for comment.

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