Adam Tuss

3 Ways to Improve Your Metro Commute

Catching a ride on Metro can be tough, but there are some pro-tips you can use to hack your commute:

Tip 1: If you're on a section of the system with multiple lines and see a train with space heading in your direction, take it -- even if it's not the right color.

For example, a lot of downtown Orange Line riders will see a Silver Line train with space and let it go by. But you'll have a more comfortable ride if you take the Silver Line train to a transfer point and catch the Orange Line train from there.

You'll spend the same amount of time on the platform, but you won't have to cram into a packed train. 

Tip 2: Don't forget the first and last cars in each train. You're more likely to find space in those cars than the ones in the middle.

"An 8-car train will take up the entire length of the platform, and you're almost certain to find space in the last car," said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. "If it's a 6, your best bet is the very first car. The last car of a 6 will be the most crowded."

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