100% Chance of Chilly Cheeks Sunday During No Pants Metro Ride

Metro riders: prepare to see some chilly cheeks Sunday.

Despite near-record breaking cold, organizers promise the annual No Pants Metro Ride is on and pants will come off.

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night or tunnels stays these riders from their swift completion of their appointed rounds,” organizers posted on Facebook, referencing the postal service’s unofficial motto.

The stunt, organized by D.C. comedy group Capitol Improv, has been raising eyebrows for 10 years. Participants bring their best poker face, swipe their SmarTrip card and commute seemingly as usual. Read a book, catch up on the news or listen to music -- but do not crack a smile.

Pantless participants can expect fellow, out-of-the-loop commuters to be pretty confused.

D.C.’s not the only city where commuters get to show off their (hopefully clean) undies. New York, Chicago, Boston and other cities participate in No Pants Metro Ride. The event has even gone international: the No Trousers Subway Ride is popular in Berlin, Prague and London (Sidenote: be thankful for the name change. For Brits, a No Pants Subway Ride would mean going commando or, horrifyingly, completely bare-bottomed).

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Interested in joining in? First, do your laundry. Then, meet fellow riders at Hancock Park near L’Enfant Metro 3 p.m. Sunday.

You can de-pants outside -- but be careful of the weekend's Arctic air. The warmer bet is to take off your pants when you first enter the train.

Participants should remember to be polite: wear family-friendly (AND CLEAN!) underwear and follow directions if a Metro official asks you to dress.

Organizers say the pantless brigade will loop around L’Enfant, Metro Center and Gallery Place’s indoor Metro stops.

Afterwards, Dupont bar and restaurant Front Page will host a pants-optional after party.

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