$1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Remains Unclaimed 6 Weeks After Drawing

If you bought a Mega Millions ticket in Maryland this summer, you might want to check your pockets. And your wallet. And anywhere else you can think of.

A $1 million winning ticket is still unclaimed, six weeks after the numbers were drawn June 21.

The winning ticket was sold at a Sheetz located at 8408 Woodsboro Pike in Walkersville, Maryland. The ticket matched the winning numbers of 13, 30, 36, 48 and 62 but missed the Mega Ball of 18, said Gail Pelovitz of the Maryland Lottery.

"We just haven't heard from from anyone. No one's claimed it," she said.

The deadline to submit the winning ticket is Dec. 20. Winners in Maryland can remain anonymous.

We repeat: Check your pockets. 

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