Teacher Tackles Suspect After Stabbing at Maryland High School

A former student of a Maryland high school stabbed a current student at the school Monday morning, police said.

The victim was walking with students from his masonry class to a broken wall they were going to fix on the grounds of Crossland High School in Temple Hills. He made direct eye contact with the suspect, who was near the campus, Crossland’s principal said.

“Did not like the way the student looked at him, and he stabbed him,” Principal Theresa Moseley Fax said.

A teacher helped keep Coates on the scene, she said, and a school security sergeant took him into custody and turned him over to police.

“The teacher was present,” the principal said. “There was always an adult present with the kids. He tackled the young man that stabbed the young man and was able to get security out right away to arrest the young man.”

The victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to be OK, Prince George's County police said.

“He was stabbed one time,” Officer Tyler Hunter said. “So he was taken to the hospital to make sure there were no further injuries as a result of him being stabbed.”

Police arrested 18-year-old Nathaniel Coates.

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