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Metro Using Decoy Bikes to Bag Thieves

Crime historically increases around holidays



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    Metro Police using dummies to capture thieves.

    Metro Transit Police have been rolling out new tricks to capture would-be thieves at stations and on trains and buses.

    Decoy bicycles are among an array of new tactics that Metro Police are using to crack down on crime.

    Metro Police say Wednesday, they captured a would-be bike thief after laying some two-wheeled bait at the Prince George's Plaza station.  Over the past month, Metro Police says they have arrested dozens of suspects attempting to steal bicycles and personal electronic devices like phones and MP3 players.

    “During the holiday season we traditionally see an increase in robberies. While we’re taking steps to keep customers safe, we also need the public to do their part too,” Taborn said. “Remain aware of your surrounding and take steps to protect yourself and your property.”

    Metro reports that there have been 521 robberies recorded by transit police this year.  Over the past 5 years, robberies have steadily increased - 581 for all of 2008, 894 in 2009, and 1,007 reported in 2010.

    They recommend the following tips to keep possessions safe while in the Metro system:

    •Remain alert and aware of your surroundings.
    •Carry your electronic device in your front pocket or a place where it is not easily seen or in easy reach of others.
    •Avoid using an electronic device near the train or bus doors. Many “snatch robberies” take place as the doors are closing.
    •Avoid using an electronic device on platforms.
    •If you must use an electronic device, protect it by holding it with both hands at all times.
    •Change the color of your earphones. White or red wires can indicate that you're carrying expensive equipment.
    •When parking at a Metro facility, take all valuables with you. Remember to remove your GPS and holder from the windshield.
    •If parking a bike at a Metrorail station, use a high-quality lock that cannot be easily broken.

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