What’s Your Workout: SoldierFit

Welcome to Basic Training

I'm going to start by saying... I'm a pacifist. I don't like fighting and war. I don't like movies about war and I even feel bad when I hit someone else in my boxing class (unless it's some idiot who deserves it).

So I was immediately intimidated by SoldierFit, a boot camp where clients are troops and instructors are drill sargeants. You have to remember, I'm Miss Yoga. I like clean, lavender-smelling atmospheres. I prefer my instructors to talk to me in a soothing, nurturing type of voice.

Even my longtime boxing instructor knows all too well that I need attention and must be coddled. Yes, I'm a little high-maintenance... so what! You people are always judging me!

Anyway, when I saw the other students at SoldierFit lining up in neat rows as the "drill sargeants" shouted for everyone to "fall in," I knew I was in trouble. In fact, I was told most people don't even finish the workout their first class.

Well, I may be high-maintenance, but I'm no wimp!

Here's the drill... we started off with a five-minute jog and stretches, then broke off into groups. We rotated through six different stations, including one where we flipped tires and another that was straight abs.

My arch-nemesis was an exercise during which someone held you back with a band and then you had to run as fast as you could. When I got to that station a second time, I was pretty sure I was about to hurl.

After the circuits, we did planks, forearms, mountain climbers, and then worked with partners who switched off between diving under your plank and then jumping over your pushup. DEATH.

At the end of the hour-long class, I was red and sweating: two key signs of an awesome workout. But I finished the class. There was no way that I was going to let anyone see me quit. (Nope, I'm not competitive at all.)

Now, I'm not going to claim that this was fun or that everyone was warm and friendly. But it gets the job done and I can see how this workout can be a life changer for some people.

As for me, if this class wasn't out in Maryland, I could see myself going back. But since I don't own a car and would have some trouble getting there, I think I'll stick with lavender-scented yoga and my oh-so-sweet BFF boxing instructor. Just don't tell the boxer I called him sweet -- it could be bad for his career.

Lauren Dunn is the News4 medical producer.

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