The 30-Day Pizza Diet Comes to Pete's

Man says pizza can help you lose weight

A Florida man is traveling up the East Coast by bike, promoting a new diet that involves eating pizza -- and only pizza.

Matt McClellan owns a bicycle-themed pizzeria in St. Petersburg not-ironically named Tour de Pizza.

He’s now on his own tour of sorts, traveling to 22 cities hoping to change the public perception of America’s favorite food. On Monday, he brought his tour to Washington at Pete’s New Haven Style Pizzeria.

Last year, McClellan said he ate pizza for every meal for 30 days and lost 25 pounds. He said he also lowered his cholesterol, shed 10 percent of his body fat and dropped 5 inches around his waist.

It sounds too good to be true, but he said he has the medical tests to prove it.

McClellan said the key to the diet is moderation. During his month he ate one slice every three hours and changed the toppings each time to get his full nutritional value.

He also used a basic workout routine, but warned anyone hoping to try the diet should consult a doctor before jumping into a new exercise plan.

McClellan said by changing the way America eats pizza, it can be the “healthiest fast food option on the market.” His tour will wrap up next month in New York City, the pizza capital of the world.

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