Slow Your Roll With Non-Energy ‘Drank'

Makers say anti-energy drink helps people relax

A new beverage claiming to be the opposite of an energy drink is raising eyebrows because it is modeled after an illegal drink.

The makers of Drank say it helps people relax -- legally.

"When you drink a can of this beverage, at first, a couple people (say), 'I don't feel anything,'" Drank distributor Karl Enriquez said. "Then after a little while, (they say), 'I feel relaxed.'"

Dubbed the "anti-energy drink," Drank is made with valerian root, melatonin and rose hips.

It is modeled after an illegal cocktail called syrup, which is made with prescription cough syrup and Sprite.

"What we aspire to do with Drank is provide a substitute for such an illicit substance," Enriquez said.

A licensed dietician said the ingredients aren't harmful, but no studies have been done on their long-term effects.

Cathy Carter said Drank sells out quickly at her Garland shop Blue Phoenix.

"We can't keep it in stock," she said. "We have to have deliveries every week."

Enriquez said the beverage is Food and Drug Administration-approved, and all of Drank's contents are legal.

"If the Food and Drug Administration is saying it's OK, I would respect their authority," one woman said.

But another person said he wasn't so sure about the drink.

"I just think it sends the wrong message when you're trying to copycat an illegal product," he said.

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