Chubby Kids May Get Big Headaches

Kids Who Lose Weight May Lose Migraines, Too

A new study in the medical journal Headache found a curious link between how much a child or teenager weighs and his or her headaches.

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center believe that overweight children have more headaches, and when they get those headaches, they're worse.

Almost a thousand kids were part of the study, and more than a third of them were overweight. That's about the same amount as in the population in general.

All the kids went to a pediatric headache center, where doctors collected the data.

And while doctors don't know why, they say somehow headaches are worse and more frequent in overweight kids, while losing weight seems to make it better.

Bottom line: if a child complains of headaches, it may be worth it to put him on the scale along with following all the other suggested treatments.

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