New Study on E-Scooter Injuries in DC

Debate continues on the safest place for scooters to be ridden

NBC Universal, Inc.

You’ve seen electric scooters zipping around on sidewalks, even in and out of traffic. Now, a local study is giving us a clearer picture of who is getting injured on these e-scooters and where.  

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety interviewed more than 100 e-scooter riders whose injuries landed them in the emergency room at George Washington University Hospital between March and November 2019.

Researchers found three out of five people were hurt while riding on the sidewalk. One out of five were injured riding in a bike lane or on a trail.

About 25% of the injured scooter riders were commuting to work. The rest were running errands or riding for fun.

And experience counts. Forty percent of those interviewed were injured on their very first ride.

Many cities have banned e-scooters from sidewalks, but researchers worry forcing riders into the streets puts them at risk of more serious injuries.

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