Maryland Family Investigates Mystery Payments on Phone Bill

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When a Maryland family’s Verizon bill mysteriously started being paid off for them, it tried to figure out why, worrying it could be a problem in the future.

Eileen Cape of Silver Spring has been a loyal Verizon customer for 42 years.

“We do the Internet, we do TV, our landline and our wireless phones,” she said.

She bundled all of those services together into one bill with no issues until September.

“When you looked on the backside of the bill, it said that we had made payments of over $500,” she said.

The bill showed two such payments, so she called Verizon.

Another mystery payment of more than $500 appeared on the October bill, along with three reversals.

Another payment appeared on the November, so Cape called Verizon again and was told it was unclear where the payments were coming from but new account numbers should fix the problem.

“We had to separate our bundle because we had always done the one bill and they felt that it was coming from the Fios side, so that this would solve the problem,” Cape said.

Her December Fios bill was fine, but her wireless bill had another mystery payment.

When News4 reached out to Verizon on Cape’s behalf, she got a call from someone right away. A few days later, the December mystery payment was reversed.

“They told me it was resolved,” Cape said.

But January’s bill came with another mystery payment, so News4 reached out to Verizon again.

Finally, in February, there was no mystery payment.

Verizon told Cape a business was making the mystery payments but didn't give her the name.

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