Charities Grill Lunch for Prince George's First Responders

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First responders are working 24 hours per day to save lives, and a number of charities are working to ease their burdens in any way they can.

Prince George's County Fire and EMS Chief Tiffany Green joined Crescent Cities Charities Friday in Upper Marlboro to say thank you to all of the first responders. 

“This is what they signed up to do,” Green said. “They enjoy the job, but during this time of the pandemic, we are stepping up for the community, and they are stepping up for us.”

Crescent Cities Charities provided hot lunches from the grill for Prince George's County's fire, police and EMS workers — public servants on the front line in the county hardest hit by COVID-19 in Maryland.

“Can you just imagine how difficult it is on the first responders?” asked Steve Novak, vice president of Crescent Cities Charities. “They don't have the luxury of staying home and bunkering in like we do. They have to be out every day protecting us, keeping us healthy. We ought to be on our knees thanking them for what they're doing for us, and this is just a little show of appreciation to give them a nice lunch.”

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“It's been tough,” said Kevin Dunn, acting battalion chief. “We've had some long shifts and long sleepless nights, but the men and the women of the department have pulled together and have each other's backs.”

Green and the rest of the department appreciate the vocal support from the community.

“Our community is rallying behind us. We've received numerous donations: food, masks, hand sanitizer. And these gestures for public safety in general just gives us that extra boost and helps us move forward,” Green said.

Crescent Cities Charities was providing food for first responders on the Eastern Shore last week. They are going to be in the Riverdale area next week.

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