Want This: Mandles, Not Metrosexual in the Least

Man-Scented Candles, a Flower Sundress and Cheap Lawn Furniture

MAN CANDLE: Guys, we know your abodes smell a little less than fresh, and we sympathize that a quick flick of a match to that lavender-vanilla scented candle is simply a no-go. Well, finally the Mandle Company has developed manly scented candles to refresh your rooms. Pick from self-explanatory scents like Stogie, Meat and Potatoes, or Campfire Smoke -- or venture off the beaten path with Bass Killer (fresh water and fish), Swimsuit Model (oiled-up tanning babe) or the illicit Amsterdam (marijuana). The mandles are available in four- and eight-ounce sizes ($6.99 and $12.99).

FLOWER FROCK: Girly sundresses are the perfect summer outfit for a day spent venturing around the city, window shopping on M Street or simply lounging in the park. Flowy enough to disguise last night's Jumbo Slice but feminine enough to keep you feeling flirty, this adorable flowery frock is availble at Mini Mini Market, and it can be yours (and only yours) for $90.

GARDEN SALE: Smith and Hawken has dropped their gardening accents and furniture line thanks to the recession (go ahead, blame everything on the recession). There are no sales online, but you can stop by the store in Georgetown (1209 31st St. N.W.) to get your hands on leftover garden merch for 30 percent off. Your deck could always use an extra chair for your "clinger" friend who conveniently happens to be in the neighborhood every time you host happy hour.

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