Tuition Increases Pad College Presidents' Salaries

Local leaders making big bucks

Wondering where your money is actually going when you cut a check to pay off your college tuition?

At least some of that money is padding the wallet of the university president.

A new survey released Monday by the Chronicle of Higher Education shows that salaries for public university presidents increased more than 7 percent last year, and has gone up more than 35 percent since 2003.

Some private university presidents across the country make more than $1 million.

So how about some of the local universities?

University of Virginia President John T. Casteen III was the third-highest public university president, taking in nearly $800,000, the Washington Post reported.

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger was paid nearly $720,000.  University of Maryland President C.D. Mote Jr. was paid $463,213.

At local private colleges, George Washington University's former president Stephen Trachtenberg was paid nearly $800,000 in 2006, while outgoing  Johns Hopkins University President William Brody earned $1.06 million the same year.

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