Take a Water Taxi to Nats Park

Well, soon. Not yet, but soon. (Now let's all cackle maniacally together.)

I still have yet to ride in a water taxi or, really, see a water taxi on the Potomac. I asked some co-workers in a quick three-man survey if they'd ever experienced this particular mode of transportation. Their responses:

Co-worker 1: Silence.

Co-worker 2: A non-verbal, scoffing/laughing sound.

Co-worker 3: "I took a duck tour once."

Co-worker 2: "That doesn't count."

But apparently water taxis are out there on the river, and now they will be allowed to venture toward Nationals Park.

Mayor Adrian Fenty announced today that boats will be able to dock at Diamond Teague Park, located at First Street and Potomac Avenue S.E.

According to the press release:

"Six local charter companies will operate about a dozen different vessels to the pier from locations including Maryland’s National Harbor and Old Town, Alexandria. Service will be available for home games at the park and other special events. The boat operators will use a new 250-foot commercial pier built for boats carrying up to 149 passengers."

"Take a Water Taxi to Nationals Park!" was originally published on Housing Complex by CityPaper on Aug. 19, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.

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