Sweat Away the Pounds While Laying in Bed

Ok, for all you health nuts out there who are ready and willing to try just about anything to shed a pound (except exercise), Pureskin in Bethesda has the perfect weight-loss treatment for you.

The SlimDome is a newly released sauna-like bed that helps to melt away fat at three times the rate of a traditional hot-air sauna.

According to MedSurge -- the company that crafted the machine -- the way it works is simple, as you lay in the enclosed bed far infrared emissions cause a swirl of hot air to surround your body causing you to sweat, just like in a real sauna. The one notable difference, however, is that the sweat you produce while in SlimDome is oil-based, not water-based, helping your body to stay hydrated even as you perspire.

In addition to soaking yourself in up to three times more of your own sweat and burning up to 600 calories in a 40-minute session, SlimDome's effects reportedly improve skin tone, reduce joint pain and inflammation and help to release heavy metals and toxins floating around your insides.

If, for some reason, you are interested in trying this out, Pureskin in Bethesda offers SlimDome treatments. Visit their site at www.pureskinbethesda.com for more information.

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