Shoes Worn by Palin Sell for $2K on eBay

A pair of Sarah Palin's shoes sold on eBay for $2,025.

The Red Naughty Monkey heels were owned and worm by Sarah Palin, according to the seller, Palin's niece.

"I got the shoes from Aunt Sarah after mentioning that I liked them. They don't fit to well, so I decided to let someone else enjoy them. These are the exact heels that made headlines. The shoes are NOT autographed, but the buyer has the option of having them autographed," states the eBay ad.

According to the ad, the winner/buyer will receive:

* Authentic Red Naughty Monkey Heels, size 7.5 worn/owned by Sarah Palin.
* 2 autographed pictures of her in the heels
* A custom Sharpie Pen that was made for autographing while on the Presidential Campaign Trail. This pen will be used to autograph shoes if buyer would like shoes autographed.

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