Shake Your Tom Tom

How many times have you gone to a bar and wished for dance-worthy music and a floor space on which to bust out moves? Today’s youth is constantly in search of an equilibrium between the bar scene and the club scene. Fortunately, the quest ends at Tom Tom in Adams Morgan, where bar meets dance club to create a hoppin’ good time in a laid-back manner.

The number one perk of Tom Tom is the lack of a cover charge. Of course free entry still comes at a price. The drinks are not exactly cheap, with beer and mixed drinks going for more than $4. But the service is quick and friendly, especially for a bar that fills up as fast as Tom Tom does. If you’re a competitive athlete, you’ll soon find your niche upstairs, where beer pong tables are set up for play.

By playing an excellent variety of music, everything from the traditional bar song “ Don't Stop Believin' ” by Journey to the more hip-shaking tune “Forever” by Chris Brown, the atmosphere of Tom Tom definitely appeals to a younger crowd made up primarily of students and interns. The large dance floor in the back of the venue is the main attraction for the people who have finished up at the bar and are ready to put their drinks to the test. However, if a favorite song comes on and you’re not quite done at the bar, there is a pseudo dance floor located between the bar and the small lounge area made up of couches and coffee tables and chairs. The patio in front of the bar is also a good temporary escape, although the long line of people waiting to flash their IDs may become overwhelming.

If downstairs gets to be a bit too wild for you, the upstairs area is a safe haven for escape, with seating along the walls and tables under a retractable roof, excellent for catching a little air after an intense dance session. It’s a chill spot to hang out, with the humble furniture giving the area a comfortable feel, as opposed to the upscale, fancy and sometimes-uncomfortable lounge areas that are typical of D.C. dance clubs. There’s even an old school Nintendo hooked up to a TV to play.

Tom Tom succeeds in creating a sort of “in-between” place for people who want the “chill” feel of a bar but want to avoid elbowing their way through a rowdy crowd and may even want to get a few dances in. Tom Tom is the epitome of a bar-club.

Tom Tom
2335 18th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

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