Selena Gomez Talks Heartache & Dreaming Of The ‘Fairy Tale' Romance

Selena Gomez is best known for her work on Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place," but she's about to embark on a new career – adding recording artist to her resume.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the 16-year-old star said she is gearing up for the release of her debut album where the former paramour of Nick Jonas lets her life spill out into her lyrics set to a "techno-pop-rock" beat.

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"It's what I've gone through with heartache, friendships, and things like that," Selena told the mag's June/July issue of her upcoming CD. "I want my fans to know me a little bit better after they hear this record."

So what kind of troubles could a 16-year-old in Hollywood have been through or seen? According to Selena, quite a bit.

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"I've seen so many people who really let this business control their life," she said. "It's heartbreaking. But I'm glad I went through it, because it made me realize that I don't want to live like that. I don't want to let fame stop me from being myself, and I don't want to flinch every time I see a flash."

Though she avoided confirming she's involved in a new, post-Jonas relationship, Selena said she isn't interested in dating a fellow actor/musician.

"I used to say that I wanted someone cute and nice, an actor too, so he'd get it. But now I think it would be good for me to date someone who's not in the business," she said. "I want someone honest, someone who's very sweet to my family and friends, and polite to the other people around me. Being cool, having a 'cool' energy, is just not attractive to me."


And she's hoping things work out in a grand way romantically speaking.

"I've learned that I want what I deny. I want someone who is crazy about me, who treats me like a princess. I want the picture-perfect fairy tale stuff," she said.

Speaking of fairy tales, Selena revealed she's friends with fellow dreamer, country cutie Taylor Swift, also a member of the Jonas Brothers ex-girlfriends club.

"We talk every single day, and every time she comes to town, we go out to dinner," Selena said. "She has helped me through some really hard times."

But her bff is, of course, Disney pal Demi Lovato, who Selena has known since she was barely out of training pants.

"Demi and I have always been there to support each other. I've probably listened to 100 of her songs, and she came to every single taping of my show the first season," Selena noted. "We're both surrounded by adults 24/7, and we have to act professional, but when we're together we can just be sixteen—we watch movies and talk about boys and do each other's hair and makeup. We both go through a lot, so it's nice to know that no matter what, I'll always have her."

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