Powerful Women Reveal Their “Secrets”

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Janet Donovan

The women featured in the new book "Secrets of Powerful Women" were powerless against the snow storm that canceled the book party last night -- but they did offer insight into some of their success. 

Actress and activist Fran Drescher said she grew up admiring Lucille Ball for her business savvy and first realized her own power to effect change when she helped pass the Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act in 2006.

"I wouldn't leave until they passed it," Drescher said.

Now, she uses her influence and newly realized power to help make positive changes.

“It enables me to be heard by people of influence and to push through platforms on behalf of the greater good,” she said.

Senior adviser to Obama's presidential campaign Betsy Myers, also featured in the book, was empowered by her mother's choice to go back to school.

“My mother’s decision to regain her voice in the world had a profound impact on me," she said. "By her actions, she taught me that we have the personal power to change the roles we play in our lives. By standing up for herself, she stood up for my sisters and me.

"By gaining her own voice, she gave us a voice.”

Journalist Beth Frerking spoke about what having power meant to her and how it is earned.

“Power has never been about what I get at the end -- it’s always been about making things happen," she said.

"Being powerful, to me, means having the opportunity to use my mind and talents most effectively. But I’m very old-fashioned about how I think people should get power: you don’t grab it, you earn it with hard work, creativity and loyalty.” 

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