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Rod Blagojevich has become the Paris Hilton of politics. Or maybe Britney Spears. Either way, this is an individual who can't quite avoid the spotlight -- even as his personal life becomes more of what would be for most people, an embarrassment. 

Now comes word that the ex-Illinois governor is trying to head to the jungle for the next edition of NBC's reality show, "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!"

Keep in mind that, before last December, those living outside the wonderful world of Illinois politics probably had no idea who Rod Blagojevich was. He would hardly be considered a "celebrity." But in the last six months, Americans have gotten used to public arrest, followed by a his Senate appointment, subsequent impeachment and removal from office, indictment, delusions of grandeur and, well, the hair!

With a track record like that, one could argue that Blagojevich has already starred in a reality show. Only problem is, because of his ongoing real reality drama, it might make impede his appearance in this second reality show.  Because he's under federal indictment (the Obama Senate seat-selling thing that has implicated appointed Sen. Roland Burris and wannabe Jesse Jackson Jr.), Blagojevich has to get permission to be dropped into Costa Rica to participate. 

Talk about being ahead of the game!  I mean, reality stars that get in trouble with the law usually do that after they've done the series. Think about the first season winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch -- a.k.a., the Naked Guy.  Within just a couple of years, he was hit with tax-evasion charges and ended up in the slammer.    

Of course, this gives a reality show all sorts of opportunities for extra footage!  The first episode can just focus on courtroom scenes of Blago's lawyers explaining to the judge why the governor should be allowed out of the country. Help! He's a celebrity ex-governor, get him out of the U.S.!! 

Another question -- will Blagojevich's survival in the Costa Rica jungle necessitate, dare we think of it -- a haircut?!?!?! 

This sounds like a hit! 

Robert A. George is a New York writer. He blogs at Ragged Thots. 

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