So It's Come to This: Kegasus Gets a Sidekick

UniCarl is a "half-man, half-unicorn"

The Preakness Stakes mascot Kegasus is getting a sidekick this season, and in related news, we can't decide if we're horrified or amused.

As DCist succinctly puts it: "Ugh."

The beerbellied half-man, half-horse -- who, like most celebrities, looks better with the aid of Photoshop -- became the mascot for Pimlico Raceway's beer-guzzling event just last year.

Now he'll be joined by... waiiiiiit for it... UniCarl, a "half-man, half-unicorn [who] serves as Kegasus' personal assistant and trainer," the Washington Post reports.

This surely will restore the dignity of Preakness, the middle leg of the Triple Crown... right? Oh, who are we kidding? They gave up on dignity long ago. This isn't the Kentucky Derby or Belmont, after all.

Kegs for everyone!

Other (actual?) highlights of May 19's InfieldFest, held in conjunction with Preakness, include performances by Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa. You'll also find Olympic beach volleyball games, cornhole competitions, a bikini contest and of course, the $20 bottomless beer mug.

We also hear there will be a horse race.

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