Poste Hosts a Roast

Family-table dining with local ingredients

House parties are such a good idea until you actually have one. The thought of all your closest friends drinking, socializing and checking out your recently renovated digs can be enticing, but then the reality sets in.

First you have to trek to Safeway, avoid the 'burban moms with their overflowing carts, and then somehow maintain your sanity while waiting in those mile-long checkout lines. Then, you'll be cleaning up spills while everyone else has all the fun. It'd be so much better if someone would just host the party for you, right? And while they're at it, maybe they should just have the whole thing at their place. Just for funzies.

Well, kiddos, it looks like your party prayers have been answered. Chef Rob Weland of Poste Brasserie (555 8th St. NW) is now offering to have you and your friends over for a barbecue in his restaurant's backyard garden. How nice of him.

Chef Weland will grill up your meat of choice and whip up some delicious side dishes for you and your guests (six to 12 people) any day of the week except for Thursday -- he's busy cooking a Farmer's Market dinner that night. Choose a locally sourced entree and a side dish that combines ingredients from local farms and Poste's own organic garden.  

Poste Roasts are served outdoors at the chef's table located in the restaurant garden. You can expect to spend $27 per person, excluding dessert and wine. Poste Roast is served every day except Thursday.

Oh, and apparently you can ask the chef to skewer up just about anything -- pig, chicken, lamb, squab, hey, maybe even that yappy dog next door. That's a surefire way to make fast friends with the neighbors.

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